Guilford County Sheriff’s Office discuss fentanyl at town hall

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers held a town hall with several senior staffers Monday night to address concerns about the detention center, crime in the county and staffing concerns in the department.  

Fentanyl took center stage, though.

“That was the day our whole world came crashing down … Since then, it’s been my mission to bring attention and awareness to fentanyl,” said Debbie Peeden, a grandmother who lost her granddaughter to fentanyl poisoning two years ago.  

Peeden spoke to Rogers about her concerns regarding the drug. He detailed what the department is working to do to combat the opioid’s spread. 

“We try to make sure we are very visible so people understand we want a hold on fentanyl and any type of narcotics in Guilford County, and we want to get as much off the streets as possible,” Rogers said. 

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