How To

This list of resources is a work-in-progress, check back regularly for updates

First Week

Advocate for Your Loved One by Raising Awareness

  • You do not want to jeopardize your case
    1. Check in with law enforcement investigating your case
    2. Determine if press coverage will hamper their investigation
  • Select and edit a high resolution photo of your loved one
    1. Consistently use the same photo with all press and media
  • Contact your local Press and Media
  • Write a press release
    1. Include who, what, when, where, why and how of your story
    2. Focus on “the why this matters”
    3. Do NOT include the names of any perpetrators / suspects
    4. Do NOT include any specific details of your loved one’s death scene
  • Find others in your county who experienced fentanyl poisoning deaths
  • Find your elected officials
  • Rent a Billboard
  • Create a nonprofit
  • Obtain a permit for rally

When Autopsy and Toxicology Report is Available

In North Carolina autopsy and toxicology reports typically take 5-8 months to complete. Medical examiner and toxicologist name(s) will be on the reports. You may contact them personally to discuss the reports so you have a better understanding of the cause of death.

A death certificate with the cause of death listed as “pending” will be available prior to the full autopsy and toxicology reports. It will list the cause of death without any details. It is likely the full autopsy and toxicology report will be complete 6-8 weeks later.

If Case is Closed


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