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Billboard Rentals in North Carolina

Thank you to Debbie Peeden of Greensboro, Grandmother to Ashley Whaby, forever 23.  Debbie shared her experience and knowledge about renting billboards in the Greensboro area.  Below is a letter to Lamar from Debbie, and below that is a brief description and link to Lamar billboards across the US.  You will need to drill down to see the NC market in detail.


On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 11:27 AM Debbie Peeden wrote:

I wanted to thank Lamar for the 19 locations of the PSA National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness/ One Pill Can Kill. We currently have 3 chapters of Forgotten Victims in NC. We are going to be reaching out to local businesses and organizations to see if we can get sponsors to continue to raise awareness in NC. Is it best to reach out to Lamar advertising in other parts of the state through the website or are their contacts you have? I know the costs vary from different locations in the state and locations of billboards.

If you can assist in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated. One area in general is Boone NC, but our goal is to have billboards statewide. Thank you again not only for the PSA Lamar did in May but also again for 19 PSAs in Guilford and Forsyth county. I have received a lot of positive feedback.

Thank you.

Debbie Peeden
Admin Forgotten Victims of the Piedmont Triad

From Rachel Glass, LAMAR Sales & Campaign Coordinator

Lamar has an interactive inventory map where you can select specific billboards that appeal to you all over the nation. You can find it here. You can scroll into North Carolina and even filter down the types of billboards you are looking for.

The top right-hand side shows who the contact person is for that market, the different types of boards, and even a price range for certain areas. For example, the Charlotte office’s market covers the Boone market.

Lamar’s North Carolina offices include: AshevilleCharlotte, Greensboro, RaleighWilmington

Each market has different guidelines, so it might be better to contact each market for more information.


Located only in Greensboro, may have contacts in Boone area


  1. The organization, is successful and knowledgeable about securing digital billboards by cost sharing amongst victims’ families.  Check in with them to see if that works for you.
  2. The billboard vendors have various rules, some do not permit ‘faces’ on their billboards.  Always ask!
  3. Rental fees vary from $700-$2000 per month depending on length of rental and location
  4. Always ask for a discount and/or if the project can be run as a PSA, public service announcement.  The benefit of a PSA is cost.  They cost ZERO dollars however your message may rotate less frequently than the fully paid advertisements
  5. It takes 30 days to develop billboard content, then they run 1st-30th of each month
  6. You will need to send images and text to be included on the billboard, they do the design work
  7. You may contact national nonprofits to obtain permission to use their logo on your billboard
  8. To check out billboards in your area, just drive around.  Look at the base of the billboard to locate the owner’s name and number.
  9. Ask around to see if other victim families want to join you or businesses will sponsor you to offset the cost