Bio: Barb Walsh,, Fentanyl Victims Network of North Carolina

Barb Walsh is the dedicated Executive Director of also known as the Fentanyl Victims Network of North Carolina. She founded this grassroots action-oriented nonprofit 501(c)(3) on the first anniversary of her daughter’s tragic death, caused by fentanyl in a water bottle.

Since that heartbreaking event, Barb has been unwavering in her pursuit of justice and support for fentanyl fatality victims in North Carolina. She travels across North Carolina to host regional Family Summits, Fentvic Meetups, Annual Rally’s and provides courthouse moral support to fentanyl victim families.

With an MBA from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Barb brings valuable expertise to her role. Her previous experience includes working in a nonprofit lobbying group in Washington DC and holding positions in Government Relations and Corporate Communications at a pharmaceutical headquarters in Research Triangle Park NC. Aside from her professional achievements, Barb has demonstrated remarkable resilience in her personal life, raising four daughters while successfully managing her own business and passionately fundraising for various charitable causes.

Mike Walsh is Barb’s husband and partner. He is a graduate of Villanova University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Mike is Technical Director for an international corporation focused on computer chip software design. Mike plays an integral role as the Technical Director of He built the website ensuring the organization’s publicly accessible website disseminates essential information about the NC Law Enforcement System, the Judicial System, and fentanyl-related legislation.

They reside in Cary, NC, where they continue their mission to make a positive impact in the lives of fentanyl victims and their families.

Sophia Walsh 8/16/2021 Forever 24 Watauga County, NC
Sophia Walsh 8/16/2021 Forever 24 Watauga County, NC
Sophia Walsh, Forever 24
Watauga County, NC
August 15-16, 2021
  • Smart, Successful Business Professional in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County NC
  • College Educated
  • No Substance Use Disorder
  • Died because she was thirsty!
  • Killed by diluted fentanyl in a water bottle with Aquafina label intact.
  • Voluntary Manslaughter Charges
  • DA Declined to Prosecute
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