North Carolina Organizations

North Carolina 501(c)(3)Nonprofits & Organizations with Fentanyl Safety & Awareness Focus
Fentanyl Victims Network of North Carolina, fentvic
Barb Walsh, Executive Director
Mike Walsh, Technical Director
501(c)(3) IRS EIN #88-3921380
Wake County NC Headquarters
Works in all 100 Counties
Grassroots Advocacy, Safety, Education, Justice, and Support for Fentanyl Victim Families
In honor of Sophia Walsh, Forever 24
Forgotten Victims of North Carolina (8 Chapters)
Patricia Drewes, Founder
Vance County NC Headquarters
8 chapters, Works in all 100 Counties
Justice, Fentanyl Safety & Awareness
In honor of Heaven Nelson, Forever 24
Chapter Directors are: Allena Hale, Nancy Ellington, Debbie Peeden, Beth Abernathy
Robert Mosco, Theresa & Chelsea Mathewson, Maria Deckert, Barb Walsh
2 Out Rally, Alex Bradford Memorial Foundation
Jeremy & Millisa Bradford, Co-Founders
501(c)(3) IRS EIN #92-149895
Harnett County NC Headquarters
Mental Health, Fentanyl Safety & Awareness
Works in all 50 states
In honor of Alex Bradford
Matthew’s Voice
Wendy Thomas, Founder
501(c)(3)IRS EIN #86-3494983
Lee County NC Headquarters
Outreach-Drug Education, Age Appropriate Curriculum
NC & National focus
In honor of Matthew, Forever 20
Fight for Me Foundation
Leslie Maynor Locklear, Duane Locklear
501(c)(3) IRS EIN #92-2765832
Robeson County NC Headquarter
Illicit Fentanyl & Opiod Awareness Education & Outreach
All 100 Counties, Works primarily in Robeson County
In honor of Jordan Forever 31 and Ryan Forever 34
It’s Bigger than Me – Michiko’s Voice Foundation
FB based: Missy Duff
Missy Duff and Kamaya Duff, Co-Founders, 919-464-5970, 919-464-6855
501(c)(3), IRS EIN # charitable application in process
Johnston County NC Headquarters
All 100 NC Counties, primarily Johnston County
Fentanyl Safety and Awareness, Community Improvement, African Americans
In memory of Michicko Duff, Forever 23
Hunter Dalton HDLife Foundation
Debbie Dalton, Co-Founder
501(c)(3) IRS EIN #82-2112875
Mecklenburg County NC Headquarters
Education & Prevention Lethal Recreational Drugs
Works prmarily in Mecklenburg & Surrounding Counties
In honor of Hunter Dalton, Forever 23
DJ’s Wish Foundation – Freedom from Fentanyl
Lori & Dean Ashenfelder, Co-Founders
501(c)(3) IRS EIN #__
Transylvania County NC Headquarters
Raise Awareness of Fentanyl & Recovery Resources
NC & National Focus
In honor of DJ Ashenfelder, Forever 31
Abi’s Angels Fighting Fentanyl
Tracy Saunderson Ross, Founder
501(c)(3) IRS Application in Progress
Gaston County NC Headquarters
Raise Awareness & Safety Issues on Fentanyl, Education in Schools
NC & National Focus
In honor of Abigail Saunderson, Forever 16
Ollie for Christian
FB Based: Ollie for Christian
Crystal Wilson Tilley
Forsyth County NC Headquarters
Addiction Resources Center
NC & National Focus
In honor of Christian Wilson, Sr, Forever 19
Joshua’s Army
Theresa Matthewson
public FB page
Awareness & Dangers of Fentanyl, Saving Lives, Legal Process of Justice
Harnett County NC base
In honor of Joshua Mathewson, Forever 27
Darren’s Voice
Sheila Bostic
private FB page
Fentanyl Awareness in North Carolina
Richmond County NC base