Request a NC Law Enforcement Investigation

How to Request an Incident / Investigation from NC Law Enforcement

  1. Call or visit the law enforcement office handling your loved one’s case.
  2. Ask to speak with officer who is handling the case.
  3. Ask for the ‘incident’ report to be emailed to you and have them give you a hard copy.
  4. This will likely be a 1 page ‘unapproved’ Incident/Investigation Report which is all they legally required to give you.
  5. Retain & save this for future use. You will need to provide it as proof of death to: estate attorneys, financial institutions, employers, insurance carriers, apartment complex managers, etc.
  6. You will need to provide them with Victim’s Name, your relationship to victim, your full name, address, email and phone number, date of incident, names of others involved
The Incident/Investigation Report should include the following:
  1. Agency Name
  2. Incident #
  3. Crime/Incident(s) example: unattended death
  4. Day of the week, date and time of incident (or when 911 called)
  5. Day, date, time victim was last known secure (which means last seen alive)
  6. Location of incident including address & type of location (apt, residence, etc)
  7. Officer name and identification #
  8. Case Status: active, closed by arrest, closed by exception, closed by other means, inactive, unfounded, located (missing person/runaways)
Victim Information Section
  1. How victim was attacked, or crime committed (example: male/female found unresponsive)
  2. What weapons or tools were involved
  3. Section for recording Injuries Incurred
  4. Section for Drug/Alcohol use involved: Yes or No
  5. Victim full name, age, race, gender, address, phone # and employer
  6. Victim vehicle information
Others Involved Section
  1. R stands for reporting person if other than the victim
  2. First Middle Last name
  3. Age race gender
  4. Full address, phone #
  5. Employer name & address
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