Fentanyl in Disguise

Fentanyl in disguise: Expert calls deadly opioid’s presence a ‘slow-motion chemical weapon attack’

A record 107,000 Americans died of drug overdoses and poisonings last year

Rainbow Fentanyl

Fentanyl is more frequently appearing in disguised forms like prescription pills and “rainbow fentanyl.”

Unsuspecting victims are also coming in contact with the illicit opioid, which is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and deadly in small amounts, on or in everyday objects, according to law enforcement agencies and other experts who have warned of the presence of fentanyl on cash bills and food products.

“You can make a lot of money by doing good — by providing services and food and creations that are beneficial to humanity in all types of ways. …Instead, [drug manufacturers and smugglers] are participating in evil in order to advance a … method or a movement in order to disrupt the United States as much as possible. It is a slow-motion chemical weapon attack, I think, that’s being perpetrated by China and a third opium war,”

Jim Rauh, founder of the nonprofit organization Families Against Fentanyl, told Fox News Digital.

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