How to Obtain First Responder Report

An Incident Report is generated by the First Responders and Medics who arrived on the scene and then transported your loved one’s body to the morgue.  The report is based on their on-scene actions and observations.  It also contains statements provided by others at the scene that may or may not be truthful.  

Make sure you request and read the entire report then discuss with law enforcement if you discover anything that is not truthful.

Identify which First Responder or Medic Team provided on-scene services.  If you do not know, ask the law enforcement officer working your case.

Once identified

  1. Call them or email them to request an Incident Report (no cost)
  2. You will need the following
    • Loved one’s name
    • Date of Service
    • Location of Service
    • Letter of Administration as proof you have a right to receive the report
  3. Ask them to email it to you
  4. Print and save hard copy

FYI:  Do not be shocked when you receive a bill for their on-scene medical and transportation services.  Mine was $365.

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