Whose Child Dies Next?  Fight Illicit Fentanyl Rally 8/20/23 Raleigh NC

NC Fentanyl Victim Families invite the public to join as they Rise Up Against Fentanyl at the

Whose Child Dies Next?
Rally @ NC Capitol National Fentanyl Awareness & Prevention Day

  1. Sunday August 20, 2023, 2-4pm, Rain or Shine
  2. NC State Capitol Building, South Side, 1 West Edenton Street, Raleigh NC
  3. Parking: free on street and paid parking in municipal lots
  4. Rules: No signs on sticks/poles, no drones, no firearms/weapons, no climbing trees/walls, statues
  5. Attendees: open to the public, fentanyl victim families, press, elected officials, law enforcement, educators, advocates, allies
NC Fentanyl Facts
  • 13,671 NC residents have been killed by fentanyl in the last 9 years, enough to fill the Raleigh Convention Center (NC OCME)
  • 8 NC residents die each day by fentanyl
  • NC Infants, Toddlers, Middle & High Schoolers, and Young Adults are killed by fentanyl
  • Fentanyl deaths are preventable with early intervention education and naloxone
What NC Fentanyl Victim Families Want
  • To Save Lives!
  • Pass Senate Bill 189! Pass Senate Bill 250! Both modify GS 14-18.4 Death by Distribution Law
  • NC Legislature Must Increase Funding of NC DHHS NC OCME to increase Salaries & Hire Chemists to process Toxicology Reports. Right now there is 5-12 month delay in results reported back to grieving families & law enforcement!
  • For all drug related deaths to be investigated as potential homicides & crime scenes
  • To be recognized as Crime Victims by the NC Justice System & NC Law Enforcement


Barb Walsh, Executive Director
website:  fentvic.org
501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit
EIN #88-3921380
Patricia Drewes, Founder
FB page link:

“They need to get deadly fentanyl off of our streets,” said Attorney General Josh Stein. “We can do more to hold accountable drug traffickers and keep the people of North Carolina safe. I’ll do everything in my power to rid our state of this scourge.”

For more extensive press release email request to barb@fentvic.org

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