Senator Lazzara receives ‘Defender of Public Safety’ award from NC Sheriffs’ Association

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association has recognized Senator Michael Lazzara (R-Onslow) with the “Defender of Public Safety Award” for the important work he did during the 2023 legislative session to protect public safety in North Carolina.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive this award from the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association in recognition of our work to support law enforcement and enhance public safety,” said Lazzara in a Monday media release from his office. “Together, we will continue working to overcome the fentanyl crisis and ensure law and order prevails in our communities.”

Lazzara’s legislative district is served by Onslow County Sheriff Chris Thomas.

“Senator Lazzara has been a valuable partner in the recent legislative session, supporting the legislative priorities of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association, which is a voice for all 100 sheriffs in the state,” said Sheriff Darren Campbell, President of the Association.

“As a result, our sheriffs have new tools we can use to protect our communities, such as new laws intended to protect our electric power grid, stop dangerous street takeovers by motor vehicle gangs and some which will allow us to better address the growing fentanyl crisis many of us see in our communities. We are better equipped today than we were yesterday to protect the lives, liberties and property of North Carolina’s citizens.”

During the 2023 legislative session, the General Assembly considered hundreds of bills and enacted dozens of laws that had a direct impact on law enforcement and public safety in North Carolina. The 2024 session is expected to begin in April and will likely see many additional law enforcement and public safety related bills.

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